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About Us

Four Generations of the Irani Family have been delivering smiles to people’s faces for the past 92 years, through their distinctive and nourishing range of cakes, mawa cakes, pastries and cookies.

The story of Merwans begins when Mr K. M. Irani and his wife Mrs D. K. Irani started this family business in 1930, which became popular for its delectable, freshly baked products. Mr Merwan Irani continued the legacy of his parents and introduced the brand ‘Merwans’ in 1972.

‘Merwans’ marks the family name of the company and has been in use since 1978. It is also documented in the file with the Trade Mark Registry. Mr Merwan Irani’s vision of taking freshly baked everyday products to every household led him to adopt a state of flair technology and innovative recipes to make this confectionery business a popular name in the city. Over the years, his mastery over the art of baking became second to none, and he passed his skills and knowledge over to his sons.

Currently, the Merwans successfully caters to the bakery needs of thousands of people every single day. On special occasions, people travel from all over the city just to buy their cakes & pastries, surti butter, khari and other products, to make their day and/or occasion memorable.

Mr Merwan Irani’s three sons have equipped themselves with the family baking secrets. Taking over the rich techniques of their father and grandfather, they embark on a vision to make Merwans a brand beyond comparison whilst remaining loyal to their traditional bakery heritage, principle and ideal. Increasing sales and production, has not shifted the Merwans’ focus from their virtuous and uncompromisable eatables.

Although Merwans have stayed devoted to its magnificent heritage, they have also moved with the times and are proud to have a fully functional website. We are happy that you have taken the time to look at our website and learn about our heritage, the company’s values and our unrivaled products.

The company’s original outlet was in Andheri West which was put under the franchise model in June 2015. Later, in the same month, they opened another outlet. The company has also engaged in a team of architects and spent a considerable amount of time and money creating a unique and unparalleled décor identified only with that of the company.

The company sprawling through several decades has built up its reputation, goodwill, brand image and most importantly customer loyalty. As the business has grown, even the Trade Mark became well-known to all as a bakery and confectionery business. Today, the company has a total of 27 outlets across Mumbai, identifying itself as a bakery to be the cream of the crop!

The Merwans family holds a special place in their customers’ hearts because of their exemplary service. They still hold on to their core values of giving the utmost satisfaction to its customers by delivering top of the line products at base minimum prices.